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  • WiTT October 2016 event: TED Talks!

    WiTT's October meeting featured a screening of  selected presentations from TED, TED Global, and TEDx events that look at how women (and some men) use, influence, and create technology and technology-based solutions. We'd like to thank MPC for giving us access to their fantastic Screening Room this year. The talks we screened were: James ...

  • WiTT June 2016 event: Disruptive Innovation

    Disruptive innovation, the fourth industrial revolution, digital transformation, Industry 4.0, the rise of the digital enterprise... no matter which buzzphrase you prefer (if any), it's clear that the competitive landscape in most industries is changing rapidly. And in many cases those changes are driven by technology and by new, innovative ...

  • Post-Mobile World Congress Panel discussion on March 22nd

    Mobile World Congress — the world’s biggest and most influential mobile event, which took place in Barcelona from 22 to 25 February — had a record-breaking 101,000 attendees from 204 countries. Security, privacy, net neutrality, 5G, the Internet of Things, and Virtual and Augmented Reality were just a few of the ...

  • WiTT February 2016 event: The Internet of Things: What it is, and why it matters

    The Internet of Things: What it is, and why it matters The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a major ‘buzz’ term in the tech sector over the past 18 months, with tech firms, telecoms operators, start-ups, industry vertical players and government bodies all jumping on the bandwagon. The IoT currently ...

  • Watch: WiTT Founder Stephanie Liston discusses women in tech

      WiTT Founder Stephanie Liston discusses women in tech at the Broadband World Forum, 2012.

  • Become a Member of WiTT

    WiTT currently has more than 500 members and has grown through word of mouth. The group is open to any woman who is affiliated with and interested in the telecommunications and technology industries. For more information please email info@wittgroup.org.

Welcome to the Women in Telecoms
and Technology (WiTT) website

WiTT is an informal networking group focused on education and enhancing women’s careers by sharing experiences and lessons learned in members’ career development. We encourage mentoring and provide excellent networking opportunities.

The Group meets every other month and our members include business women at all stages in their careers in organisations including BT, Vodafone, Everything Everywhere, IBM, Intelsat, Ofcom, Reuters, lawyers, consultants, accountants and entrepreneurs.

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February 2013 meeting: Smart Cities

Smart Cities, 20 February 2013 WiTT's first meeting of 2013, on ...

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International Girls in ICT Day celebrations

25 April 2013 was "Girls in ICT Day," an ITU ...